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The Meds to Beds Program includes Mon Valley Community Health Services, Inc. (MVHS), Dierkens Pharmacy, and Monongahela Valley Hospital working together toward a better outcome for patients discharged from the hospital.  When a patient of Primary Care is going to be admitted to the hospital they are offered to participate in the program.



• MVCHS checks daily for patients admitted to the Hospital, and if the patient has chosen to participate in The Meds to Beds Program;

• MVCHS then contacts Dierkens Pharmacy to notify them of the patient admission; and forwards them the patient’s last updated medication list on file;

• Upon patient discharge, the Hospital will then forward an updated medication list to Dierkens Pharmacy;

• The Pharmacist will compare the lists and make any needed changes; and package the new medication;

• The Pharmacist will also send an updated medication list to the patient’s Primary Care Doctor and specialists; and

• Two weeks after discharge, Dierkens Pharmacy will place a follow-up call to ensure the patient is not having any problems with their medications.



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